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Aluminium mining sector has record expansion in Middle East

The exponential growth of the aluminium sector has led to the creation of some of the industry leading companies in the Middle East today: Ma’aden, Emirates Aluminium,   QATALUM and Sohar have all sprung up the last half decade.

The founding of these world-leading firms has been the result of popular demand from Asia and other growing markets for a genuine supply of top-grade aluminium.

The chairman and founder of the Arab International Aluminium Conference, Mohammed Al-Naki, has said the following on the boom: “The aluminium industry has brought jobs, diversification and opportunity across the region, contributing substantially to GDP at national and regional level.

“The development of innovative reduction technology, developed in-house within the United Arab Emirates and already licensed for use elsewhere, has further raised the profile of our region in the global industry – especially in terms of greater operating efficiency and reduced environmental impact.”

He added: “The relative youth of the aluminium producers in the Middle East is another regional strength, as each incorporates leading-edge technologies, systems, processes and performance parameters. In fact, our region is home to some of the leaders in global aluminium industry.”

The Middle East boasts a huge rise in production capacity for the metal over the past few years. It is expected to continue on its current upward trajectory – in 2012, it produced 7.8% of the world’s production of aluminium; in 2020, it will have risen to 20%. This is due to the record expansion currently being seen in the market, and the production of new Greenfield projects that are underway at the moment. Visit http://www.saudifastgrowth.com/ar/winners-2009 for some of the Saudi fast growing companies.

The quality and reliability of the aluminium coming from the Arab region has attracted investors from all over the world, and the rapid production of its materials have ensured its competitive edge in the tense metals market.

The Arab International Aluminium Conference was founded 30 years ago to bring together aluminium industry leaders to discuss the effect of mining on the region and the economy, as well as examining the technological advances which will make aluminium production more efficient and sustainable.



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