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The Nile As Source of Energy and Water In Africa

Offering an essential source of energy and water to eleven countries in Africa, the Nile is widely considered to be the longest, and indeed one of the greatest, rivers in the world. The Nile is the primary water source for many of the countries it serves, such as Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt.

Known as “Iteru” in the ancient Egyptian language, the word means ‘great,’ indicating the Nile’s size and importance even amid ancient civilisations. The Nile facilitates the production of raw materials, the farming of crops and of animals, which must graze by the river bank to provide healthy meat, milk, hides and other by-products for the surrounding civilisations.

In modern times, the Nile remains a vehicle of sustenance for communities bordering the 6,650 km long river, while also offering one of the most efficient modes of transport in the whole of East Africa.

Several modes of transportation are used to travel on the river Nile, to transport both people and goods to various destinations lying along the path of the river. Cruises are also an extremely popular tourist attraction and method of transport to allow travellers and holiday makers to see a large cross section of African societies.

Cruise ships on the river Nile are well known for their glimmering finishes and luxurious furnishings. Many large cruise ships travel between Aswan and Luxor, while other smaller ships have been known to venture further afield. Tours of the wonderful landscapes of Africa from a cruise ship can be booked for a period of up to two weeks.

Cruises which incorporate a large portion of Egypt are very popular, as these provide holiday makers with the opportunity to visit the numerous historical sites in Egypt which display thousands of years of civilisation.

Nile cruise ships, such as the one owned by businessman Mr Fahad Al Tamimi, are often equipped with the same luxuries and creature comforts as any top of the range hotel, ensuring that holiday makers have the most comfortable stay possible, leaving them free to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of Africa.


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