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The Middle East Energy Industries Finally Settles For Renewable Energy

Middle East is known as an oil producing region and also considered a high net emitter of carbon. Currently, the region has decided to embrace renewable energy to deal with scarcity in the future. Near the beginning of 2012, public announcements have been made by various governments about the plans to produce at least 10 % of its energy from sustainable sources by the year 2020. This proposition has been also planned by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait and Oman. Simultaneously, United Arab Emirates shared the same sentiments. Meanwhile, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have set their objectives of manufacturing 5% and 7% correspondingly of their energy from solar and renewable sources by the year 2030.


However, many have been skeptical whether these goals would be taken in.  Considering the fact that the Middle East’s growing economy in the company of the growing population has gradually changed the growth of its urbanization. Meaning, these gradual changes have been resulting in an increase in consumption of oil and gas. People need more electricity therefore power plants which are based primarily on non renewable sources. Energy is not only required in electricity but also in water. As a result, the more water people demand the more energy is required.  The regions’ need for non renewable sources is inevitable.  With that being said, this shift Middle East is making concerning its most valuable product is beyond a doubt.

On the other hand, solar power industry could take shape in the Middle East. Every now and then, solar generation projects have now been established in the region. Have you ever wondered why a land abundant with oil has started considering solar power? Well, that gave me a thrill but this may be their way of having an alternative way to produce energy. In this strategy, Middle East might contend with Taiwan where they also make solar panels or maybe with Germany in terms of developing the control systems. Nevertheless, I personally think the Middle East is doing a great job in replacing their non-renewable resources with alternative ways.


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